The joy of the early morning run

I usually tend to run in the evenings during the week as I get to work very early and there just isn’t time to run before work most of the time. However, on the last couple of evenings my planned runs hadn’t happened for a variety of reasons. The only way I could think of to try and get most of the lost mileage back was to get up early this morning and run before work. I know a lot of people tend to get their runs in this way so I thought I would give it a try.

I figured I could get in 13 miles before work if I got up at five. That way I could get the 5:37 train out to Battle and run back home to Hastings on the 1066 country path. This is one of my regular training routes – a bit overgrown in places but it is on some beautiful trails. It has a few hills but nothing too scary.


Having leaped out of bed like a scalded cat when my alarm went off, I was out on the trail before six running into a breathtaking sunrise.

imageIt was glorious – one of those moments you feel overjoyed to be alive. I also felt great throughout the run – really relaxed at a good, easy pace. Definitely a running gods day.

I nearly had a cow incident at one stage, as I had to cross a field full of cows and calves. Never a good thing, especially as me and cows have a lot of previous. We generally have a hate – hate relationship (except when they are on plate in front of me). On this occasion as I entered the field every single cow in the field turned their head and stared at me. It is rather disconcerting when that much tonnage of beef is staring right at you as you enter their field.

Thankfully, they resisted the urge to charge me en masse (or even one at a time). Except for the odd moo, staring at me was as bad as it got. I can handle dirty looks from cows. I’ve had worse.

Anyway, I finished the run, got home, got showered and dressed and made it into work at two minutes to nine – perfect timing and an amazing way to start the day. It really does show how running can change you as a person. A few years ago there is not a cat in hell’s chance I would have done this. A few years before that the only way I ever saw five am was from the other direction. The thing is that I am much happier now than I have ever been and doing stuff like this is one of the reasons why.

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